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Tag: Roma Luxury Tours

05 September
A Pagani meetup in Villa Borghese in front of the Statue of the writer Goethe with the representation of Faust that sold his soul to the devil to fulfill his worldly luxurious desires ... I think many would too just to have and drive one of these roaring beauties too. Read More
06 May

Prepare yourself for a magical and experential journey through Roman history. Caesar and Augustus. Caesar versus Augustus. A place of honor in Roman history. Two different stories and two different routes. Forum of Augustus and Forum of Caesar. Prepare yourself to an exclusive and unusual walk through Ancient Rome. The stones will “speak” for themselves […]

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01 March

It’s spring time!!! What is the symbol that more fully expresses all the femininity? Certainly the flower. Roses, tulips, sunflowers, lilies … the list is long but each of us loves definitely receive them. But the flowers are also the symbol of Spring. In mythology, the flowers are usually associated with the wonderful figures of […]

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31 January

Tour 1:  Villa Farnesina – Tour In Love -Hotel pick up  In this tour we will visit one of the noblest and most harmonious works of the Italian Renaissance, Villa Farnesina in Rome (Trastevere), commissioned by Agostino Chigi to Baldassarre Peruzzi, and decorated with frescoes inspired by the classical myths by Raphael, Sebastiano del Piombo, […]

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03 January

Thinking on where is the most romantic place to spend Valentine’s Day? Definitely Rome!!! Roma Luxury will tickle your fancy with its romantic tours and shopping sprees for Valentine’s Day. Live the Dolce Vita romantic atmosphere and choose your Dreamy Valentine’s day Tours created for you by Roma Luxury. Let’s discover a special place dedicated […]

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20 October

Hunting down the nector of Bacchus in the Vendemmia Wine & Fashion Event in Rome The Vendemmia event in Rome took place in the 18th of October  2018 in the stunning luxury shopping and Baroque area of Piazza di Spagna ( the Spanish steps), via dei Condotti, Via Borgognona and Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina. The […]

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24 September

Roma Luxury wants to entertain and delight you like no one else can, we have different historical scenes and live play sketches we can do for you, with professional actors, so you can be in first person or what it done to entertain even more your loved ones in vacation with you, this way you […]

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21 May

The “studio” of Augustus is above his house, in the center of the Palatine Hill, where the emperor retired when he needed solitude. A room decorated with a view of the city. Who can discover and experience this sensorial journey? The visitors who will follow the multimedia path that involves seven places inside the Colosseum […]

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23 April

Dear Rome, Nowadays you are old, you may seem a bit ‘tired by the passage of time and negligence of man but your beauty, your charm and your soul are always there, proud to be admired among the monuments, between the alleys, between the characteristic roofs and the most beautiful thing is that you are […]

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21 March

The Sun God. Beautiful to take your breath away, fast and dynamic, legendary and winning. Whom are we talking about? The legendary Ferrari, what else? The only “Red” that makes the hearts of millions of fans of formula 1 beat, the dream machine par excellence. A jewel of automotive engineering that will make you live […]

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