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Tag: luxury

05 March

Dear Readers, Today I want to tell you a story: a story of cars, experiences, sensations. This is a fragment of exclusivity… Rome was glittering and romantic in the rain, more than ever; the atmosphere was enchanting and deluxe in Via Vittorio Veneto. She was sitting in a corner with a cigarette in her right […]

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31 January

Tour 1:  Villa Farnesina – Tour In Love -Hotel pick up  In this tour we will visit one of the noblest and most harmonious works of the Italian Renaissance, Villa Farnesina in Rome (Trastevere), commissioned by Agostino Chigi to Baldassarre Peruzzi, and decorated with frescoes inspired by the classical myths by Raphael, Sebastiano del Piombo, […]

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12 November

Fashion & Luxury Christmas gift for her. Fashion gift for Christmas to put under your Christmas tree. The lights shine in the streets of the historic center of Rome, the aroma of sweets inebriates the icy air, all the shopping windows show off their beautiful creations. Magic is in the air. But no matter how […]

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10 October

Ready for Halloween? There are only a few days left until the night of October 31st. Do not know where to start? How can we not start from clothing? This year to be truly original and with an extra touch of luxury, forget witches, zombies or vampire costumes and dress like couture heroines using some […]

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12 July

In the after the Second World War, Rome changes totally its skin, becoming the most glamorous and desired destination of the international jetset. Rome turns into a living cinema set. In 1950 with the filming of Quo vadis, kicks off a epical blockbuster that will become the main attraction of Rome and for many more […]

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21 June

Are you ready to shine during the most unique and trendiest fashion initiative of Rome? It will be a three days initiatives that you cannot miss and if you need the perfect outfit to show off during all the runways and the luxury, exclusive and trendy events of AltaRoma, Roma Luxury is what you’re looking […]

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11 June

Lamborghini seeks to assert itself in the yacht market. The automaker has just unveiled a boat similar to the Lamborghini Aventador. A yacht capable of reaching 290 km / h “Aventador Super Veloce”, this is the name of the yacht imagined by Lamborghini in 2017. An exceptional boat for which Lamborghini bet on the design […]

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16 May

Why everyone falls in love with Rome? Rome is beautiful to take one’s breath away. For her clear days, for the typical Roman heat, for the marbles of the Roman Empire, for the facades of the ancient and majestic palaces that adorn the center of the city, for the sophisticated and elegant shopping streets. It’s […]

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20 April

Dear Rome, tomorrow is your 2771 birthday and Roma Luxury wants to celebrate you with a story that explain to everybody how your beauty is so powerful to inspire the world of creativity. Let’s start… The ancient city and the obelisks, the opulence of the Baroque and the volutes of Bernini, the twin churches of […]

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10 April

Today Roma Luxury wants to tell you about a Roman jewelry brand very exclusive and particular, jewels like  luxury and precious postcards not to be sent, but to be jealously guarded. Get lost in the contemplation of a monument to appreciate its lines, its geometry and above all its soul, and then, why not, like any […]

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