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Tag: Luxury Car

05 March

Dear Readers, Today I want to tell you a story: a story of cars, experiences, sensations. This is a fragment of exclusivity… Rome was glittering and romantic in the rain, more than ever; the atmosphere was enchanting and deluxe in Via Vittorio Veneto. She was sitting in a corner with a cigarette in her right […]

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27 March

This morning going to our office as I came out of the underground at the Spanish Steps, my attention got caught by a adrenaline roar that sent shivers up my spine… And as I looked up my eye was caught by an amazing sight … The square at the feet of the Spanish steps was […]

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21 March

The Sun God. Beautiful to take your breath away, fast and dynamic, legendary and winning. Whom are we talking about? The legendary Ferrari, what else? The only “Red” that makes the hearts of millions of fans of formula 1 beat, the dream machine par excellence. A jewel of automotive engineering that will make you live […]

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22 January

Lamborghini, the manufacturer of prestige sports cars, has just unveiled a SUV that wants to nibble a market share in this sector dominated by German brands. It should be noted that the Italian brand has already proposed an off-road version of its models in the 1980s, without much success. Called Urus, this “Super SUV” was […]

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