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Checkout Rome’s Innovative Augumented Reality Game for the Famous Luxury Shopping and Wine event “The Vendemmia”; The triumph of Bacchus Watch Video

Rome’s Top Wine and Luxury Fashion Vendemmia in AR;

The Ancient triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne, became  a modern AR game of a virtual treasure hunt to catch the virtualized wine god, “Bacchus” with the special smartphone app, through-out the streets and stores around the Spanish steps, while answering wine quizes along Arianna’s thread (hunt) to be able to win cases of very expensive wines of these top-notch cellars in this glamous dolce vita event.


Bacco and Arianna symbolize perfectly this unique event where Luxury Brands match-up with the best wine houses brought together by the choices of the top sommeliers “Gran Cru”, to toast in the top luxury maisons to the new harvest with their new collections.

This unique very exclusive event “Invitation Only” where the top brand stores in this area where only the luxury streets of Via Condotti, Via Borgognona, Piazza di Spagna close down and re-open after hours their maisons to whom has the VIP invitation ( normally 5000 from all over the world are invited) to taste the best wines picked by the GRAN CRU ( each maison has thier own with their peculair appetizers to pair perfectly with the wines they chose to represent, white gloved elegant waiters ready to pledge your quest serving non stop wine and Champagn,  while the showing off their new collections with music enhances this unique social event with friends old and new toast away and having a ball with the other ristricted amount of people, mainly invited personaly by the brands and whom have the exclusive invitation to be able to get in to this very exclusive high society event.

This event so called “Vendemmia ” (Wine Harvest) is taken from the homonymous celebrations that dates back to well over 2000 years ago, the festivities of the bacchanal. Bacchanalia (In Latin) was an ancient Roman festival, it’s name derives from rituals dedicated to Bacchus. The dedication to the cult of Bacchus in Rome took a wide spread around the 2nd century BC. Bacco is the Roman version of Dionysus in Greece, it was in the begaining a secret cult, that was reserved only for initiates (originally only women, the bacchantes) for mystical purposes, later became a wide spead festival for the bleesing for a good harvest.

This modern day edition has nothing to do with the pagan rituals, but as a high society shopping ritual that takes place in Rome normaly from the 15th to 20th of October.

Roma Luxury in 2018 created a smart phone app for this event to allow people to know more one the wines and the 150 maisons that participate. Given the great success already obtained the year before with its luxury shopping app to get information and move on the best places to eat and shop when in Rome, created also this innovative augumented reality (AR) app dedicate to Bacchus and Arianna with a thresure hunt game to find and capture, Bacchus the wine god, and through a digital virtual thread of Ariadne with the innovative method of AR and gamification ( a bit on the style the famous Pokemon Go) made this engaging app for the wine cellers and the luxury maisons in the area to interact with the guest.

This app was created by Fast SRL, the holding of Roma Luxury, with its twenty-year DNA in the field of technological innovation, creating world-leading applications both for the Chamber of Deputies, Confindustria SI, Jubilee,  launching also a new era of interaction between physical places and digital through virtual contextualizations to entertain, inform and to engage, as never before.

Download these apps and discover the modern potential of engaging local communications, as with Snapchat you can also take a selfie with ancient Bacchus in the modern Roman Harvest event and share it like a postcard with your friends on social media, sharing your emotions and giving your vote on the wines, trying to win too the challenge of competition of who knows more about wine, wineries and these top luxury brands, plus access more detailed information on these top-notch wine cellars and share and store in your favorite picks of the wines that you liked the most, so to buy them later or right away with the “Taste Now, Buy Now” feature so you do not like me, last year, where I tasted so many different wines but then in the end I forgot which ones they were the ones I liked the best. This is why I created this app, for all like me that would have love to buy my favorites, and to capture the fleeting moment as the song of Lorenzo the Magnificent who in his “Canzona di Bacco” (Chant to Bacchus)  declaims “Carpe Diem” ” Seize the Day & The Moment !”

A bit of history and allegory behind this iconic event that for thousands of years and up to today, thus why this year we made the choice of Arianna and Bacchus as the testimonials of our second edition of our smart phone application:

Arianna is for us is the testimonial of excellence, both for the game of Arianna’s for her thread that will lead you through the libyrinth of hundreds of participating maisons, and along side of Arianna being a weever of threads and thus cloths of Olimpo fits perfectly the position of iconic representative of the luxury fashion houses, as the God of wine Bacchus par excellence linked to the celebration of wine.

In mythology the god of wine, Bacchus meets Arianna, who is in a desperate state, just abandonment of Theseus, whom she loved so much and decides to give him a helping hand with his goal to enter the labyrinth to kill the Minotaur, and with the thread showing him the way to go through the libyrinth and get out, and back to her.

The Minotaur is the mythological being with a man’s body and bull’s head, that her father imprisoned in labyrinth and put her as it’s guardian, but she falls in love with Theseus, and betrays her father to help her loved one to get out of this complex maze from which was known as impossible, also because he declares that he loves her and promises that when he gets back he wants to merry her. So Adriana comes up with this effective ingenous strategemma, to give him a ball of thread so he could follow his way back out from where he entered, so he would come back to her and marry her as promised.

Theseus thanks to Arianna’s idea comes out victorious, but instead of keeping his promise to marry her, he waited for her to fall asleep to go away on his own and abandon her. When Arianna awakened, she realized what had happened, and with a broken heart and hopes, she burst into a desperate whimper, Bacchus nearby hearing this weeping, went to see who was crying and when he saw her, he was struck by her beauty and virtues, and fell madly in love with her. She, seeing this intense love he had for her, she seizes the passion too and lets herself go without hesitation to this new love; “Carpe Diem” and lives passionatly the moment.

Bacchus and Arianna are often rapresented together in a love daze, in various archaeological findings from the fifth century BC.

A romantic and significant life story that wants to evidence the every moment is an opportunity for a new beginning, and should be grasped without hesitation. The myth of Bacco and Arianna returned as very popular in the Renaissance, when there was a great desire to leave behind the bad memories of the dark years in to the past and live a new life with new hopes, fun and joy for all the beautiful things that life can offer, the Triumph of the love between Bacchus and Arianna became the theme of many paintings and frescoes, as well as representations and poems, such as that of Lorenzo the Magnificent in his “Canzona di Bacco” claims the importance of “Carpe Diem”

How beautiful is youth,
that flees however!
Who wants to be happy,
of tomorrow there is no certainty.
This is Bacchus and Ariadne,
beautiful, and each other passionate:
because ‘time flees and tricks you,
always together will be happiness.

The meaning of the myth of Bacco and Adrianna:
One of the most compelling love stories of ancient mythology: love, abandonment, pain and return to life and happiness. These are the main ingredients of the myth of Bacchus and Ariadne that affect the imagery and hope in all of us, precisely for the joy of living that is narrated. Representative and incisive is the moment when Arianna, although in the grip of pain, decides not to close her life, but rather, opens and gives herself to Bacchus, grasping that exact moment that is able to change the entire course of life. A hymn to life that has always been accompanied by a subtle melancholy and the awareness that joy and pleasure are fleeting moments and labilis and should be grasped and enjoyed now or never. Hence the hymn from the “Seize the moment”, to let yourself go to the thrills of life! “Carpe Diem !”.

As so the Grape Harvest event, well away from the ancient Roman bacchanal festivals, is yet a moment to seize and enjoy to its fullest, characterized by absolute elegance, luxury and refinement, an invitation to relax and enjoy this exceptional social event of the Roman Dolce Vita, where several women and men might inevitably be tempted, into passionate  shopping sprees inevitably among these wonderful masterpieces shown of these new collections of the maisons, while laughing between on toast and another, where invariably lots will fall in love not only with the incredibile masterpieces that will adorn all the boutiques, but also with Rome by night all lite up and adorned to makeing it the most beautiful, glamours Baroque setting in the world, and for sure some other romance will surely spark the night as the lanterns off these ancient monuments and stone road that for centurys has witness so much romance.

Carpe Diem
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