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Category: Tour

22 February

High fashion in Rome is nearly as eternal as the city itself. Rome’s handcrafted, artisanal couture has persevered for decades. The result? Timeless, wearable works of art that easily withstand the whims of mainstream fashion and continue to shape how we dress today. From the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, Rome’s […]

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21 February

You can’t resist putting your hand inside this misterious, but intriguing stone face. Do you know why? Have you ever heard about the legend behind this mask?  Whatever the season, whatever the weather, so many tourists every day line up outside the beautiful Paleochristian church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin – once called Forum Boarium […]

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15 February

Messalina, a woman devoted to the Dionysian pleasure that still makes everyone talk about her … discover with us why. Only the legends have remained of her, which have created a myth between fantasy and reality. Her follies have cost her not only her life but also her damnatio memoriae, the oblivion, the cancellation of […]

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13 February

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, the day par excellence dedicated to lovers and their sublime love. Discover with Roma Luxury why  your love is so sublime! Our idea of love reflects who we are, our desires, our values, our expectations and our way of living relationships. The concept of love is really elusive, you need to […]

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02 February

Do you want to discover some true gems in Rome and surrounding areas? Read on, this post is for you! It doesn’t matter how many countries and cities you’ve visited in your past travels. Rome still remain the best city in the world! Rome is one of the world’s most fascinating, culturally rich and seductively […]

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16 November

Leonardo da Vinci: The Salvador Mundi is “The Sacred Grail of the Oldest Paintings” and is one of the most important works of the 21st century. It was a captivating, tight fight. 19 minutes of a intense, compelling and concise duel to win the masterpiece of the genius Leonardo da Vinci, Salvator Mundi. The bids […]

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