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Category: Roma Luxury

23 March

The stars parade on the red carpet of the “Italian Oscars”: discover all the looks of the David di Donatello 2018 Spotlight on Italian cinema. The 63rd edition of the David di Donatello, the Italian Oscars, will be staged in Rome. To attract our attention were the wonderful and sophisticated dresses chosen by our celebrities […]

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21 March

The Sun God. Beautiful to take your breath away, fast and dynamic, legendary and winning. Whom are we talking about? The legendary Ferrari, what else? The only “Red” that makes the hearts of millions of fans of formula 1 beat, the dream machine par excellence. A jewel of automotive engineering that will make you live […]

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20 March

The other evening, Roma Luxury participated in the exclusive evening organized to celebrate the birthday of the great Roman artist Dicò, in a wonderful and unknown location in the heart of Trastevere. Friends, collectors and celebrities met in the VIP lounge of the very famous chef Alberto Colamonici who, among delicacies and works of art, […]

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15 March

Take the adventure and experience the gladiator like never before A commander: Massimo Decimo Meridio who leads the Roman army to the victory against the Marcomanni exalting the strength and grandeur of Rome. From the background the most iconic monuments of the eternal city, among all the Colosseum, the place of the bloody battles of […]

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09 March

Bags by braccialini no more without “The bag is a unique accessory, which we all believe we know. And yet, no object more than this escapes a precise classification, a univocal definition. It is the complement of the most used clothing in the world, the most universal and certainly the oldest”. Daring and experiment. Inventing […]

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06 March

Dolce Vita event in Rome: Italian Cinema celebrities reunited for the 40th celebration of A.S.C The day before yesterday, the night of the glamorous 2018 Oscars  took place, but on the passed Friday night Rome was the protagonist of the art of Cinema with a Dolce Vita style party. The A.S.C. (Italian association of set […]

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05 March

Oscars 2018: all the best Italian looks wowed the crowd Goodbye to the total black dress code, the absolute protagonist of  the passed Golden Globe 2018 and the Bafta 2018, wide to the color. Powerful clothes for powerful and beautiful women. When it comes to fashion made in Italy it is a guarantee of quality and […]

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01 March

“When I returned to Rome from Gaul and Spain, the Senate decreed that an altar should be consecrated to the Augustan Peace in Campo Marzio and ordered that the magistrates, priests and vestal virgins, should celebrate an annual sacrifice” Are you looking for an extraordinary and multi-sensory experience? Are you ready to live the personification […]

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28 February

When the snow falls, nature hears … she and her magnificent silence. Just when you thought Rome couldn’t get any more beautiful, the city decided to become a magical winter wonderland overnight. Iconic monuments transformed into wonderful snow sculptures. It only happens a handful of times in every century, but when the magic happens it is assured. […]

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22 February

High fashion in Rome is nearly as eternal as the city itself. Rome’s handcrafted, artisanal couture has persevered for decades. The result? Timeless, wearable works of art that easily withstand the whims of mainstream fashion and continue to shape how we dress today. From the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, Rome’s […]

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