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Category: Roma Luxury

04 June

Ready to discover the summer fashion trend 2018? This is the right post to read. The new one advances while the old one becomes new. Because vintage has never completely gone out of fashion. It shows our nostalgic soul and the desire not to want to close completely with the past. What summer dresses will […]

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21 May

The “studio” of Augustus is above his house, in the center of the Palatine Hill, where the emperor retired when he needed solitude. A room decorated with a view of the city. Who can discover and experience this sensorial journey? The visitors who will follow the multimedia path that involves seven places inside the Colosseum […]

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18 May

The countdown has started for a romantic “meet” that will embrace all your senses, but most of all smell and sight. Ready? Just few days ago we entered in the flowering season of plants, trees, of the vast green fields that surround and embrace Rome, as well as other cities. But it is also the […]

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16 May

Why everyone falls in love with Rome? Rome is beautiful to take one’s breath away. For her clear days, for the typical Roman heat, for the marbles of the Roman Empire, for the facades of the ancient and majestic palaces that adorn the center of the city, for the sophisticated and elegant shopping streets. It’s […]

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09 May

Save this date: 20th May 2018. This is a one of a kind event if you’re planning to come to Rome in May… Keep reading to discover why… It is one of the most striking spectacles that may exist, in one of the most beautiful corners in the world: the rain of rose petals at […]

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08 May

It is the case to say amen! Holy beauty or infernal beauty? Opulence, solemnity and ostentation, these are the three key words that characterized the dress code of the highly anticipated MET Gala 2018 (the most prestigious fashion event of the year) that took place yesterday at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum in […]

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03 May

In addition to the historical center of Rome, its extraordinary palaces, its monuments, its churches, its squares, there are other places, other areas, other buildings in Rome that are definitely worth to be discovered and known, because of their great and extraordinary beauty. Everywhere you look, Rome offers architectural beauty, but there is one particular […]

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27 April

The symbol of the Eagle in the Laurel corona is the symbol of the Roman Empire and Rome … as Melania took high cure in showing off all her elegance and class in a her highly cured French evocation hospitality, Mr Trump shows off his association with the up-most symbol of power, the emblematic symbol […]

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26 April

Roman fountains: a magical walk that will let you discover the beauty of Rome Do you know how many fountains are in Rome? No city in the world can count a number of fountains such as Rome. They have always been a characteristic element which, since ancient times, have contributed to enriching the artistic and […]

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23 April

Dear Rome, Nowadays you are old, you may seem a bit ‘tired by the passage of time and negligence of man but your beauty, your charm and your soul are always there, proud to be admired among the monuments, between the alleys, between the characteristic roofs and the most beautiful thing is that you are […]

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