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Category: Roma Luxury

24 October

  The Vendemmia, which means the wine harvest, that dates back to before the Romans, but with the Romans wine fostered with the Romans development of innovative techniques, to empower production and quality. Wine during the Roman empire found its true lover whom venerated and cured every aspect of it, giving it even a god […]

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20 October

Prada: a great success for the luxury event la Vendemmia Spotted. Roma Luxury was there only for you, at the elite wine tasting at Prada’s Atelier on Via dei Condotti. Fashion, luxury and wine. It was a fantastic sensorial experience. The fashion and wine binomial worked perfectly. With our wine glasses we were strolling around […]

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18 October

Versace and La Scolca: the perfect union between Fashion, wine and culture. The sign of Italian style, a synthesis of elegance and beauty, thanks to sartorial and craftsmanship that make it unique, from this year, the showcases of Via dei Condotti and Spanish Steps, the fulcrum of luxury and shopping in Rome, next to the […]

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16 October

LA VENDEMMIA 2017: The luxury events of Rome Let prepare yourself to spend a pleasantly and a luxurious week of events. La Vendemmia 2017, start officially today and Roma Luxury is ready to unveil the special menus of the gourmet restaurants who participate at these unmissable, sensorial and tasting experiences. From October 16th to 21st, […]

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13 October

La Vendemmia 2017: let prepare yourself to live a week full of luxury shopping and luxurious tastings of wine that will engage all your 5 senses. Rome is the protagonist of a unique event of its kind. The heart of the Capital is immersed in the colors of autumn, in the flavors, in the scents […]

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10 September

Roma Luxury App enchants you with unique Just in Time services. The main features of the App are Shopping, Tours and Special. The category Shopping informs the user about the Top Luxury Brands located in the well-known streets within the Centre of Rome: Via Condotti, Via Borgognona and Via Frattina. Tours explores the several tour […]

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01 June

Our mission is to give the high-end tourist, the best time of their life in Rome by satisfy any luxury traveler needs and wants, putting together at their finger tips the utmost quality services and excellence. Travel like a VIP… Shopping like a Star… Experience the Italian Excellences! We are in direct contact with the […]

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