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Category: Roma Luxury

10 October

Ready for Halloween? There are only a few days left until the night of October 31st. Do not know where to start? How can we not start from clothing? This year to be truly original and with an extra touch of luxury, forget witches, zombies or vampire costumes and dress like couture heroines using some […]

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10 June

What is the best occasion to show off your hottest and most luxury fashion purchase after a memorable shopping experience? Here is a guide about the five trendiest rooftop of Rome where you can seat, sip a glass of champagne, chat with your friends and enjoy the Roman sunset which reflects on the beautiful palace […]

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06 May

Prepare yourself for a magical and experential journey through Roman history. Caesar and Augustus. Caesar versus Augustus. A place of honor in Roman history. Two different stories and two different routes. Forum of Augustus and Forum of Caesar. Prepare yourself to an exclusive and unusual walk through Ancient Rome. The stones will “speak” for themselves […]

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06 April

Are you ready to spend your summer wearing the most chic and trendy accessory for this summer ? To show off during your aperitifs on board a yacht while sailing  and admiring the wonderful Italian coasts or during your dinners on the beach, but also during a shopping session in the city or a business […]

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05 March

Dear Readers, Today I want to tell you a story: a story of cars, experiences, sensations. This is a fragment of exclusivity… Rome was glittering and romantic in the rain, more than ever; the atmosphere was enchanting and deluxe in Via Vittorio Veneto. She was sitting in a corner with a cigarette in her right […]

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02 March

Are you ready to “shine bright like a diamond” and go shopping in Rome with Roma Luxury? Shopping in Rome for Spring – Summer 2019 where it is tinged with a vibrant color palette and eccentric fabrics. Solar and intense colors that do not go unnoticed but also more delicate pastel shades, to be mixed or […]

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01 March

It’s spring time!!! What is the symbol that more fully expresses all the femininity? Certainly the flower. Roses, tulips, sunflowers, lilies … the list is long but each of us loves definitely receive them. But the flowers are also the symbol of Spring. In mythology, the flowers are usually associated with the wonderful figures of […]

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15 February

Hanami (花 見 literally “admire flowers”) is a term referring to the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the beauty of the spring blossoming of trees, especially that of cherry trees, whose flowers are called sakura. A beautiful tradition that has also become Roman since in 1959 Japan donated 2,500 to Italy to decorate and make […]

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31 January

Valentine’s Day: the origins of Saint Valentine’s celebration Thinking on where is the most romantic place to spend Valentine’s Day? Definitely Rome!!! Did you know that roots and legend of Saint Valentine was born here in Rome? Roma Luxury will tickle your fancy with its romantic tours and shopping sprees for Valentine’s Day. Live the […]

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31 January

Tour 1:  Villa Farnesina – Tour In Love -Hotel pick up  In this tour we will visit one of the noblest and most harmonious works of the Italian Renaissance, Villa Farnesina in Rome (Trastevere), commissioned by Agostino Chigi to Baldassarre Peruzzi, and decorated with frescoes inspired by the classical myths by Raphael, Sebastiano del Piombo, […]

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