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About Us


Our mission is to give the high-end tourist, the best time of their life in Rome by satisfy any luxury traveler needs and wants.


We personally choose, based on high quality and service, all the offerings we propose to our clientele.


We are in direct contact with the stores and top brands in the fancy downtown center of Rome.


Travel like a VIP... Shopping like a Star... Experience the Italian Excellences!

What we do

Our Mobile App that will help you find the top luxury stores and activities in Rome

Our directory listing that will give you pictures and descriptions of the top activities, stores, hotels, restaurants, clubs and... that we handpicked for you and highly recommend as the best in town for you snobby and picky luxury lovers in search for only the best ! (please leave your ratings and impressions to other luxury lovers if you go personally to these places we picked for you 😉

Our Articles to keep you informed on the hottest fashion and luxury trends in Rome

Our tips and insights on some history and what to do and see and experience in Rome

Our Highlights on tour ideas just to tingle your desires, for YOUR TOUR WILL BE CUSTOM _ MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU !

Reportage on the most exclusive dolce vita events in town ... Naturally only what we can make public ... for as you can imagine most of them are very very ``EXCLUSIVE!!``



Travel like a VIP… Shopping like a Star… Experience the Italian Excellences!

Shopping – We are in direct contact with the stores and top brands in the fancy downtown center of Rome, so our gold and diamond clientele can orders special services, like personal shoppers, guides and assistance, personal defilè, or even closing sections or full store for high VIP clients and buyers. Our Roma Luxury clients and members are treated like kings and queens and have that special services that otherwise is hard to get. We will be your personal concierge and ambassador for all you might need or want.

You love fashion ? Want to know what is trendy in Rome ? –

Italian Excellences – Follow our daily articles on what is hot and trendy, just to give you a hint on what our bespoke and luxury Diva style shopping in Rome will be like when you come. We post the window shopping and designers peeks but nothing will be able to equal to livinging it live here in the Spanish Steps area, no other place in the world is as chic, fascinating and suductive as this Baroque area and creations that inherite the 3000 years of art and beuty, that made Rome so famous and which the mythical dolce vita came from that has been attracting the worlds jet set for ages .

Travel like a VIP – Custom-built luxury tours and itineraries –

We personally choose, the best; from the restaurants, cars, tours and shopping and hospitality services just for you, custom-tailored on YOUR wants,  YOUR desires, YOUR peculiar needs and lifestyle. All the offerings we propose to our clientele, are of the highest quality and top service, they have made it through our snobby quality controls to assure that our clientele is getting the absolute best service possible.

Experience the Italian Excellences – We do special collaborations with international institutions, like embassies,  UHNW, VIP’s and Stars, agents and service organizers  and agencies  to satisfy the modern affluent traveler coming to Rome.

VIP – We provide services to HNW & UHNW Individuals and companies seeking assistance in custom- made :

  • Tourism In Rome and Italy (private bespoke experiences)
  • Fashion and Lifestyle ( lifestyle, bespoke tailor-made and couture advisory, modern Bon Ton Etiquette and Look Makers consulting  )
  • Private Events (Rome is full of breathtaking structures for all kinds of events and conventions we are able to put together the most impressive private or business meetings and events, from classical to unique modern, thematic in original settings correlated with the more modern technologies from interactive screens, virtual reality, holographic imaging and visual wall projections and psychedelic effects to a more classical settings with a live renaissance orchestra. We in an elegant way we can create a wild pop party to the most elegant noble black-tie events  for personal or business community occasions )
  • Relocation and Business Advisory Services in Rome and Italy ( B2B matchmaking, real estate and property investment and sales)

Custom-built luxury tours and itineraries

Top Luxury Travel Experiences for High-End Clients

We are flexible to your needs, wants and desires, able to guide you whether you seeking exclusivity or want to play it out just as a local.

Let us know your Italian dreams and fantasies and we will turn them into reality! :

  • One of our most luxurious offerings is to have you live Rome with a dolce vita DIVA EXPERIENCE;
  • Or if you want to feel the ancient power of Rome in your veins and mind you might want an Emperor-Like Experience and feel LIKE A CEASAR immersive tours;
  • Maybe you are a high flyer and want to conquer every sight of Italy fast and empirically with a first class helicopter at your service.
  • Or you want an elegant Italian Made Yacht to take you though the Mediterranean islands and caves of Ulysses and see if you too fall slave of these waters, hypnotized by the breathtaking sights and seduced by the songs of the mermaids and the orgasmic tastes of the cuisine of your onboard private Italian chef !


We will do our best to provide for you and your loved ones a truly unforgettable top-notch luxury holiday experience!!


Alexa Fast

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